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Ongoing partnership with TheWebPageSite.com allows for easy updates

Customizable website made it easier for financial counselor to pivot business

Adrienne Taylor-Wells, a financial counselor with over 10 years of experience, filed the LLC for Tailored WealthSaver® in 2019 LLC but really invested in her business the following year.

“I did personal finance for the military and this has been a passion of mine for some time,” Taylor-Wells said. “First I helped my clients establish what their financial goals were and then worked with them to meet those goals. A woman I met in the military suggested that I offer a service that a lot of people needed.”

Tailored WealthSaver ® was created to empower women to make financial and investment decisions with confidence, ease, and autonomy. Taylor-Wells is the sole proprietor although she does have other contract employees.

Ongoing partnership with TheWebPageSite.com allows for easy updates

Revitalizing Taylor-Wells' Business: A Journey from a Dysfunctional Website to a Thriving Online Presence with Tailored WealthSaver

Taylor-Wells had a website for the business but felt that it did not function well. She started working with us in 2021. 

“The original website was not functional,” Ferguson said.“She was sold on the idea of a mansion and received a product that didn't function technically and did not meet her business desires and needs. Also, it wasn’t scalable.”  


During client interviews we work really hard to understand their wants, needs and requirements. We build our clients products based on their habits and needs. With Tailored WealthSaver, we knew we could really improve her site, and through that, her business. Taylor-Wells said Ferguson asked her if she was the kind of person who wanted to give input on the front end or offer feedback on a draft of the site.


“I told him I was the latter,” she said. “I told him my ideal client, and I told him what I did. He ran with it. Edward comes with a marketing background so I think that was helpful too.” 

Adapting the site as needed

The website, www.tailoredwealthsaver.com, serves several different purposes for Taylor-Wells. 

“I wanted it to promote my business and to share the blog and podcasts that I do,” she said. “I also do speaking engagements.”

Something new for Taylor-Wells this year is the sale of paper planners to help clients clarify their financial goals and determine their net worth.“The planner just came out, so that’s been my focus,” Taylor-Wells said. “We did a pop-up ad to help promote them.”

“This was a fun idea,” Ferguson said. “Adrienne had an idea and we ran with it. Instead of setting up a project that was way more expensive, we worked with her to integrate a Shopify eCommerce solution. Unless you are a developer you wouldn't know that this is possible. We saved her hundreds of dollars and provided a sales page she can easily update and manage her products with.”

One of the things that Taylor-Wells likes most about the site is her landing page, which she can post on Instagram and Facebook to drive traffic back to her site.  “I wanted it with my original website but it never happened,” she said. “They said it wasn’t in the contract.”

Ferguson said that unfortunately he sees this often with clients who come to TheWebPageSite after they’ve been burned elsewhere.

“I've personally served as and IT project manager for over 20 years,” Ferguson said. “Client and stakeholder management is really important. Even if the goals are met but the client doesn't get what they want, I’d say it’s still not a successful project.”


Now Taylor-Wells said that she has everything she needs, “We made sure to give her a platform that she could share her ideas with her growing community,” Ferguson said.  “Between her blog and integrated podcast sections she should have no trouble connecting with existing and new followers.”


With her podcast on Spotify and the planners, as well as speaking engagements, Taylor-Wells is moving away from one on one client meetings. “I like the relationship I have with TheWebPageSite,” she said. “I know that if I need things done down the road on the site it’s not going to be difficult to get them done.”


“Our goal is to fill in the gaps that other developers have left,” Ferguson said. “Our client communication and protocols make this easy to do.” 

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