Google Analytics Setup – Basic configuration


  • Know Your Crowd: Unmask who’s visiting, when, and what’s catching their eye.
  • Decision-Driven Data: Make informed choices backed by real-time reports.
  • Bounce Back: Find out where you’re losing visitors and how to keep them hooked.
  • Goal Getter: Set, track, and triumph in your website objectives.


Ideal For:
Business barons hungry for insights, managers aiming to optimize every webpage wonder, and brands eager to build based on solid data, not hunches. If understanding your audience better and boosting your business is the aim, this setup’s the game!



Numbers not making sense? Dive into the deep end of data without drowning!

You’ve got a website, and it’s spiffy. But do you really know who’s stopping by, from where, and why? Enter the magic of Google Analytics.

Imagine having a clear roadmap of your visitors’ journeys, preferences, and peeves. It’s not just numbers; it’s the narrative behind every click and cursor move.

Stay ahead of the story. Let’s set up Google Analytics and get you in the know.

( This offering does not include Google Tag Manager Configuration )

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