Job Position

Social Media Professional (I)

Location: Remote

Business Area: Delivery

Job ID: smre0010

Join Our Team: Work-from-Home Sales Opportunity

Dive into the heart of digital storytelling and community building as our next Social Media Manager! If you’re passionate about crafting compelling content and engaging with audiences, join our team and turn your creativity into impact.

Role Overview:

At The Webpage, we’re in the business of making the digital world accessible and impactful for small and midsize businesses. Since our launch in 2016, we’ve dedicated ourselves to mastering the art of website management and design. As we continue to grow, we’re on the lookout for a Marketing Operations Associate who embodies our spirit of innovation, connection, and growth.

This role isn’t just about posting on social media; it’s about crafting a narrative that resonates with our audience and drives demand for our services. You’ll be the bridge between our brand and the digital world, leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Google Ads to tell our story and the stories of our clients. With your finger on the pulse of the latest digital trends, you’ll be responsible for turning ideas into impactful marketing strategies and engaging content.


  • Strategy and Leadership: Serve as a visionary, identifying and leveraging opportunities to elevate our brand and our clients’ brands. Your role involves recommending, presenting, and implementing marketing strategies that are aligned with our objectives.
  • Content Creation and Management: From curating to designing and scheduling, you’re the maestro of our content calendar. Your creativity will shine through in everything from social media posts to digital advertisements and monthly customer newsletters.
  • Engagement and Growth: Monitor and manage our social media channels, engaging with our community by responding to comments and reviews. Your efforts will not only nurture our existing audience but also grow our reach on platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and Nextdoor.
  • Collaboration and Optimization: Work hand-in-hand with our creative team to continuously innovate our content strategy. Utilize analytics to gauge the success of our campaigns, identify opportunities, and ensure content resonates with our target audience.
  • Efficiency and Innovation: Identify tools and processes that can streamline advertisement development, saving time and maximizing ROI. Your knack for technology will lead us to more efficient and effective marketing solutions.
  • Quality Assurance: Before any piece of content goes live, you’re the final checkpoint ensuring accuracy, relevance, and impact.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop and grow customer acquisition through other Social Media channels, inclusive of, but not limited to Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and Nextdoor
  • Recommend / Present / Implement objective driven marketing strategies
  • Identify and create a more efficient advertisement development process potentially through 3rd party platforms that can save time and maximize ROI through automation
  • Curate, Design and Schedule Monthly Customer Newsletters
  • Monitor and manage social channels ( Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and similar ) 
  • Respond to online comments and reviews 
  • Work in partnership with creative teams to develop and test new creative
  • Use analytics to understand results clearly, identify opportunities and measure success
  • Collaborate weekly with other members of our marketing team to ensure that existing and newly created content is on target and optimized for each desired audiences (as determined by clicks or conversions)
  • Ensure all project deadlines are met on time and within budget
  • Proofing of created content before it is published to the public


  • Must be a motivated self-starter.
  • 2+ years of experience in a similar role or field (Social Media Manager, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, or Digital Media etc.)
  • 2+ years experience interpreting analytics/trends in order to make creative suggestions based on digital marketing best practice.
  • Ability to communicate via telephone and e-mail.
  • Presentable and confident in face-to-face meetings.
  • General higher education or sales training and qualifications.
  • Strong networking skills.
  • Proficient computer skills, including Excel, Word, and Email.
  • Home office with a computer capable of producing created content and internet access.


  • Understanding of the sales funnel and web metrics
  • Experience using content publishing software such as Publer or Hootsuite
  • Experience using content creation software such as Canva, Crello or Photoshop
  • Experience using industry specific software (WordPress)
  • Experience working with both “technical” AND “creative” types    

What can we offer

  • Remote working, flexible schedule
  • Friendly work environment
  • Clear, detailed, results-driven briefs
  • On-time payments
  • Digital payments
  • Coaching and support


Established in 2016, The Webpage is a specialized company focusing on website management and design services. Our core mission is to provide comprehensive digital property management for small and midsize businesses, enabling them to effectively communicate and compete in the online market.