Castmagic The fastest way to automate your content workflow with AI

The fastest way to automate your content workflow with AI

🤖 Who Uses Castmagic

  • Podcasters – show notes, writing for social media/blogs/newsletters, pulling quotes and time stamps, and so much more
  • Coaches / Instructors – custom session recaps, gather content for blogs, generate worksheets and action items
  • Media companies and agencies – 10x speed for client work and content repurposing
  • Sales Teams – Customizable AI sales assistant/coach – recaps & content based on calls
  • Marketers – build content engine for your organization, media repurposing
  • B2B Companies – marketing collateral, drafting copy, meeting notes, content marketing
  • Social Media Managers – Efficiently generate social content and ideas
  • Events/Conferences – Speaker/panelist overviews with sharable content to educate and market for all
  • Public Speakers – Take a stage (virtual or in-person) and being able to repurpose the content to promote yourself, what you’ve said, and the services you’re offering
  • Religious Organizations – Take the sermon recordings and turn them into blog, newsletter, social promotions, key takeaways to keep congregants connected to your organization

    🧰 Use Cases

    • Turn a recording into a tweet thread, LinkedIn post, or other social pieces of content
    • Generating blogs from a recording
      • listicles, poems
    • Extract content and insights from one recording or multiple recordings (use “Pages” workspace feature)
    • Turn any recording into a course (use Magic Chat for a course creation prompt)
    • Create scripts for videos & social media
    • Come up with corresponding image ideas from text pulled from a recording
    • Write a newsletter
    • iOS app- ramble your thoughts while on a walk and turn them into content
    • Students/teachers – record lectures and create content based on lecture context


  • Save 20+ hours a week
    • Transcribing, generating show notes and summaries, and crafting compelling social media posts, blogs, and newsletters involves a lot of manual labor, but Castmagic generates all of that and more in minutes
  • 10x the value of your content and repurpose it
    • Castmagic produces evergreen content that retains its relevance and worth over time. It brings continual value without the need for frequent updates. This guarantees that organizations retain a solid content collection that attracts and engages people long after creation.
  • 7-day free trial with one recording upload
  • Access to Castmagic’s Slack community of 1000+ people spanning industries and use cases to learn, engage, connect, network, and more
  • Onboarding webinar takes the training off your plate and lets Castmagic help get your audience set up right, while getting the chance to meet others
  • Ongoing Weekly Workshops to learn and network

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