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Are your team’s online profiles still bragging about “upcoming” 2012 events? Outdated profiles aren’t just embarrassing; they’re costing you credibility and opportunities.

Every day, potential clients and future star employees visit your site — and what they see? A digital ghost town that hasn’t been updated since the iPhone 5 was new. Imagine the lost connections, the missed opportunities, the silent judgments…

Transform your team’s outdated pages into stunning, up-to-date profiles that capture the essence of your business and its people. Simply send us your login details, a few notes and images, and watch as we revamp your site into a dynamic, engaging space that attracts talent and business alike. It’s your team, only better! Ready to make a change? Let’s get your team back in the spotlight where they belong.




SKU: UBUS4252024


Our “Team Refresh: Profile Update Service” offers a comprehensive solution for revitalizing your website’s team member profiles on WordPress. When you purchase this service, simply provide us with your login credentials and the specific updates you need—whether it’s adding new team members, updating bios, or changing photos. We handle the rest, ensuring your team’s digital presence matches the professionalism and dynamism of your business. This service not only enhances the look and feel of your profiles but also ensures that the information is current and accurately reflects each team member’s role and achievements. With our expert touch, you can expect a seamless update process, with all changes made quickly and efficiently, allowing you to maintain a polished, professional online presence.

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